“It’s weird — housework is practically the only job in the world that’s supposed to be fulfilling for women to do for free (how convenient) but somehow shameful and exploitative to pay another woman (and it’s mostly women) to do it.” – Denise Duffield-Thomas 
Have you ever noticed how you become more productive and get more accomplished when your space is clean and tidy? There’s something magical about it.
This year I finally took the plunge and hired a house cleaner, and let me say — it has been a FABULOUS investment. (Yes, I said investment!) Not only do I have more time to spend doing things that actually feed my soul  — like date nights with my husband, spending more time with friends and volunteering with causes I care about  — but I also feel TURBO-CHARGED because now I have extra time to dedicate to value-adding opportunities in my business…
Which, as you’d guess correctly, translates into a bigger bottom line. Meaning: this investment MORE than pays for itself!
I come from a family that was not well off. Where every dollar was stretched and nothing wasted. So imagine the mindset shift I went through to relinquish control and hire someone to do something I could easily do myself. 
Yet… my mentors were doing it. My coaches were doing it. And I knew deep down that this was something I needed to do for myself. Not just to have a clean house, or to save a few hours of my time but also to heal something within me that was saying, “Maybe later.” and “Do you really need it?”
Upon reflection, I realized there are TONS of things I already hire others to do for me, even though  — technically  — I could do them myself. Think: wash my car, color my hair, prepare my food when I visit restaurants (and then wash the dishes).
Now that I’ve seen the benefits firsthand, I’m not only a convert but also an evangelist, strategizing with clients about ways they could free up more time for themselves as well.
If you’re like many of the businesswomen and leaders I work with, your time and energy are the oxygen for your business. And if you’re spending that time and energy cleaning, that’s time and energy you’re NOT spending on your furthering your purpose.
So here’s my question for you: what is one thing you could do in the coming month to reclaim your time and lighten your load?
Much love,