Millennials are fast replacing Baby Boomers as the largest and most powerful segment of the workforce, it’s time for us to rise to the challenge.

As a Millennial Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Coach + Speaker,  I help ambitious millennial women connect with the people and opportunities that will catapult them forward in business, leadership and life.

Whether you want to land that perfect job opportunity, join the right board, or build out your profitable side-hustle, I’ll teach you how to attract the people and opportunities you need in your corner to make your biggest dreams come true.

Over the years, I have helped dozens of millennials establish and maintain high-impact relationships with mentors sponsors and strategic partners, which have resulted in lucrative career advancement opportunities, thousands of dollars in earned grant money, and key recommendations that moved the needle forward.

I started my first company right out of college, and it grew to be a success. Through that lens of entrepreneurship and leadership, I’ve come to believe that effective leadership is all about cultivating high-impact relationships and leveraging strategic opportunities. I’d love to teach you and your team how to do that so you can reach your next stage of growth.

If you would like to
• Expand and upgrade your network
• Get groomed for leadership roles in your business or organization
• Stop comparisonitis in its tracks and start living life in your own lane
• Become an influential leader in your community and industry
• Leverage philanthropic and service opportunities to boost your reputation as a leader and/or gain positive PR for your company or organization
• Earn prestigious awards that boost your authority as a leader
• Learn how to become a magnet, attracting influential mentors and sponsors who will help take you to the next level

Then I invite you to email me about private coaching and/or group coaching, or reach out to me about speaking at your upcoming event:
• Keynotes
• Workshops
• Lunch & learns
• Retreats