The ME Project Playshop: Manifesting Success

with Rachel Brownlow Lund


The ME Project Playshop (think workshop + play) is a fun, inspiring and insightful process designed to help millennial women dream big and live a life of purpose and impact.

In this hands-on 2-hour workshop, we’ll cover:

  • The ME Project 360-degree life assessment that will quickly reveal where you’re rocking out and where you’re giving away your power.
  • A visioning tool designed to help you remember the big dreams you’ve had for your life and help you take concrete action toward them TODAY.
  • A mini-roadmap to help you stay supported and keep taking massive action toward your ideal life.

Materials and supplies included. To inquire about the next in-person playshop, email Rachel at rachel@me2lead.com

I loved the Me2Lead Playshop because we got to live out our wildest dreams TOGETHER! Being able to comfortably share very vulnerable feelings and visions we have for ourselves can seem overwhelming and almost hard to do, and Rachel made it fun and easy! My favorite part of Me2Lead Vision Board Playshop was playing the game “Yes, and” and building on each other’s visions! Thank you, Rachel! Our team can’t wait to have another group Playshop!


I really enjoyed Rachel’s “playshop” experience! Her exercises were helpful at getting the room engaged, and she did a great job keeping the group moving. I left inspired and full of great ideas! My mini-vision board now sits on my desk to remind me of my goals. Great event!


I had the pleasure of attending a Me2Lead visioning Playshop led by Rachel Brownlow Lund. It was very informative and fun. Rachel is a great facilitator and artfully weaved varied perspectives in the room into cohesive themes – Dream Big. Challenge Yourself in expressing your dreams. Recognize what is holding you back and then commit to working through them.

I am a writer. Writing out my aspirations in a journal is within my comfort zone. I realized how I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone when I had to articulate them verbally. It made me reflect upon areas where I was holding my self back.

I recommend the workshop to all looking for a fun and creative way to unlock desires and aspirations.


“I attended a Me2Lead group workshop run by Rachel last week. It was very eye-opening for me. The exercises were more difficult than I expected and have led me to realize, I have more mindset work to do. The only downside to the group workshop is it leaves you wanting more time to delve deeper! Fortunately, Rachel even gave us the tools to do more on our own at our own pace. Thank you, Rachel!”