The ME Project Playshop: Manifesting Success

with Rachel Brownlow Lund


The ME Project Playshop (think workshop + play) is a fun, inspiring and insightful process designed to help millennial women dream big and live a life of purpose and impact.

In this hands-on 2-hour workshop, we’ll cover:

  • The ME Project 360-degree life assessment that will quickly reveal where you’re rocking out and where you’re giving away your power.
  • A visioning tool designed to help you remember the big dreams you’ve had for your life and help you take concrete action toward them TODAY.
  • A mini-roadmap to help you stay supported and keep taking massive action toward your ideal life.

Materials and supplies included. To inquire about the next in-person playshop, email Rachel at


From quarter life crisis to top 40 under 40: How to create the career you dream of but are afraid you can’t achieve

with Rachel Brownlow Lund

Coach – Speaker – Authority on Leadership Development and Mentoring for Millennials


In this engaging, 60-minute workshop for ambitous high perform Millennials women, or work with Millennials, Millennial leadership development expert Rachel Brownlow Lund will teach your team:

  • The top five reasons ambitious Millennial women feel stuck, overwhelmed and unsure about how to build their dream career
  • The key difference between the women who make top 30 under 30 list and those who don’t
  • How to make your quarter life crisis your new best friend
  • How what you don’t know about finding a mentor is holding you back from reaching your potential
  • How to ask for help from a mentor without coming across as needy, clingy or dependent
  • How to find mentors who will dramatically change the trajectory of your career and your life

Rachel Brownlow Lund is a Millennial Leadership Development coach and speaker, helping ambitious Millennials attract and become influential mentors so they can become stronger leaders in the workplace and in life. She has helped dozens of women establish and maintain successful mentorship relationships, which have resulted in lucrative career advancement opportunities, thousands of dollars in earned grant money, and influential recommendations that move the needle forward.

Available for keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, retreats, lunch and learns and private coaching.

For inquiries, email Rachel at


“Rachel is a powerful, honest, and motivating public speaker. Rachel shares her expertise in a relatable and encouraging way, using her own journey as a guidepost for those she is addressing. She shines when presenting on her own or with a panel, where she brings out the best in her fellow participants. Her combination of vulnerability, professionalism, wisdom, and encouragement make her an excellent leader, mentor, and speaker.”

-Sara Jane

“When I heard Rachel speak on International Women’s Day in 2018, I couldn’t help but know I was in the right place at the right time. As a creative entrepreneur myself, I truly identified with what she shares about following your intuition and bravely seizing opportunity. I left there feeling empowered and energized to make moves!”