“Rachel has made such a positive impact on my life. Within five weeks of working with Rachel, I tripled my earning potential! And after working with her for a few months, I surpassed my financial goals and moved out of my parents’ house. Rachel helped me grow my business and put into motion ideas I had been thinking about for years. She is completely committed to helping you reach your best self. If you are truly ready to jump into your next level of success, I highly recommend working with Rachel. I promise it will not disappoint.”


“When someone loves what they do, you can tell in every inch of their work. Every meeting that I’ve had with Rachel has been absolutely fantastic. I leave each meeting with a clear understanding of my next goals and I’m always excited to get to work. Rachel pays attention to every detail of my needs and provides innovative solutions to help me grow my business. Her ability to capture the immediate and long-term essentials for my business help me maintain the responsibilities needed to run a successful company. Having Rachel on my team is an everyday WIN!”


“Rachel is a powerful, honest, and motivating public speaker. Rachel shares her expertise in a relatable and encouraging way, using her own journey as a guidepost for those she is addressing. She shines when presenting on her own or with a panel, where she brings out the best in her fellow participants. Her combination of vulnerability, professionalism, wisdom, and encouragement make her an excellent leader, mentor, and speaker.”

-Sara Jane

“After 45 minutes with Rachel, I went from overwhelmed, panicked and uncertain to clear, focused and confident. Rachel’s active listening, open-ended and thoughtful questions, and the Peace Process exercise she guided me through shifted my perspective and decreased my anxiety. I found immediate clarity during our session and, because of the questions she asked, felt equipped to take action so I could get what I need to make an important decision in my career. Wow! What a difference.”


“I’m the CEO of San Antonio’s largest networking event for professional women, and we are always looking for strong female voices to speak at our events. After being connected with Rachel, I knew she’d be a great speaker at GPH-SA. She definitely did not disappoint! Rachel was warm, engaging, and eloquent. By the end of the speech, everyone was in awe of her and what she had to say. She was literally swarmed by women for the rest of the night. Rachel is a great speaker and an even better leader.”


“Rachel helped me develop my personal and professional vision. I recommend Rachel because she knows how to ask the right questions that expose what you truly want to get out of your life. Some of her tactics may throw you for a loop or make you feel vulnerable but that was what helped me understand the unconscious decisions I am making to either pursue or not pursue my personal vision.”


“I highly recommend Rachel as a coach. I found her through her Rising Star award win in ABJ’s Women in Power and reached out to her on LinkedIn. I signed up for her 6-month program and achieved all the goals I set out to do. She not only helped me from a career standpoint, but also from a daily life perspective – from ways to get my high-energy 5 year old to be more structured to specific wording on negotiations with my employer. She is very structured, organized and on time, and had some great ideas on books and constructive ways to make the best use of my time and achieve my near and long term goals. She was also helpful in general ways to advance my career, such as suggestions on my LinkedIn profile, applying for relevant awards and board positions. Her VIP day was also very helpful. It was nice to meet in person and have the one-on-one focus. I would definitely recommend her to others.”


“Rachel did a fantastic job coaching me one-on-one to prepare for a speech for the Life Science’s Women’s Conference. I reached out to Rachel for her guidance as I was impressed by her track record in both public speaking and coaching. Rachel gave me great tips which helped me to put together a cohesive and engaging speech in a short amount of time. I especially enjoy her coaching style, in which she offers actionable advice while still allowing me to feel ownership of my project. In addition, she helped me think more broadly about how to leverage this speaking engagement to position myself for future speaking opportunities. Rachel was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her again in the near future.”


“When I heard Rachel speak on International Women’s Day in 2018, I couldn’t help but know I was in the right place at the right time. As a creative entrepreneur myself, I truly identified with what she shares about following your intuition and bravely seizing opportunity. I left there feeling empowered and energized to make moves!”


“The strategy session with Rachel was not only easy to set up and convenient via Zoom, but it was inspiring, energizing, and helpful. Rachel asked insightful questions that got me thinking about my goals, and after just an hour I found myself dreaming bigger while simultaneously ready to tackle the actual tasks and strategies it takes to make dreams come true.”


“Rachel is an excellent public speaker. She is very professional and knowledgeable in her field of work. The first time I heard her speak, I could completely relate with everything she was saying. Her speech was extremely inspiring. She is approachable, very responsive and easy to work with.”


“Comparison, for a millennial, is inevitable. Just look at the impossible to emulate and immeasurably doctored Instagram photos, or that incredibly successful college acquaintance who loves to brag on Facebook. But hearing Rachel’s talk at the Girl Power Hour reassured me that this rampant perfectionism we strive for can be overcome. Rachel recognizes the struggles of our generation, encouraging entry-level career-makers like me to stop comparing and start constructing my own way to success. Rachel is THE motivator for the struggling millennial!”


“I really enjoyed listening to Rachel speak. She was both professional and personal at the same time. She got straight to the point of her topic so you feel like you have learned and been uplifted before your seat gets uncomfortable. I appreciated her speaking to the audience like she was talking to a friend and having a conversation. I hope to hear her again!”


“Rachel hosted a session that I was lucky to participate in and I was completely blown away by how empowered and positive it made me feel! Rachel encouraged us to talk about our dreams and instead of feeling vulnerable, I walked away feeling confident and secure. If that was the power of one session, imagine how great being coached by Rachel would feel like! I would highly recommend her to everyone I know.”